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Work out the kinks. Ease neck pain, shoulder pain, and headaches.

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Wrist Rescue! Course

Typing, texting, gaming, and just plain living in the 21st century comes at a price. That price is usually pain. This can help!

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πŸ‘‹Β Hey! It’s me - Nick! I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in Portland, OR with a practice I call Massage Hodgepodge, which is also the name of my greater web platform.I opened my first private practice in January of 2020, just in time for the whole world to turn upside down. πŸ™ƒ It was not a great time to work in a hands on profession to say the least.During the shutdown, I leaned into social media, and started to explore other ways in which my skills could still be put to use helping people to feel better. I started creating short, punchy videos about self care while trying to raise awareness about the value of massage therapy.While things are relatively back to normal in the massage and bodywork industry, I continue to explore new ways to get people to develop healthy habits around self care.When I’m not working on clients, foam rolling my own aches and pains, or building out my self care library, I can be found making music, juggling, or adventuring with my family.

self care, schmelf care

It seems that just taking care of yourself has become rather complicated.It doesn't have to be.I am all about practical, every day self care. I believe that the habits we cultivate for every day living have far more impact than a Spa Day or a Yoga Retreat.Eat well, have a movement practice, drink good water, protect your sleep, invest in relationships, and attend to your thoughts and feelings.That's it.It's simple, but it's not always easy.I promote all of those tenets above, but I try not to harp on it. We're all doing our best. We all have our stuff to work on.There is but one corner of self care where I am a bit more qualified to offer assistance, and that's soft tissue work with some stretching thrown in for good measure.So I make videos that offer ideas about you might work on yourself and how you might ease the aches of people you care about.I even have some full on guided video courses with more on the way.If you have not signed up for my email list to get started with Tech Neck Troubleshooting, jump in below. ⬇️No spam. Just helpful tidbits to help you feel just a little better.


Work out the kinks. Ease neck pain, shoulder pain, and headaches.

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You can find me in all the places. Okay...not all the places. That would be exhausting. But as you can see, there are plenty of ways to engage with all that I do.Most of my content is geared toward self care and how to use simple massage techniques to help the people you care about. I also like to showcase full bodywork session with minimal editing to help initiate those cautious but curious individuals who may be anxious about receiving massage.

buy. buy. bye...no, Wait!

I am always trying out all sorts of self care widgets, and this is where I share all my favorites. Most of the items are my go-to tools that I use every day. You can see my top three linked below. For all my others, check out my Amazon Storefront.Purchasing with my affiliate link supports my efforts to create even more self care content.

are you kneady like me?

Greetings fellow Bodyworker! πŸ‘‹I am in the early stages of planning a new kind of community for massage and bodywork professionals.It's called Kneady People.It will feature a podcast, a supporting newsletter, and a central hub where we can share, learn, debate, and grow.The world needs us kneady people now more than ever.And we need each other.Sign up below to get notified about the progress of Kneady People.

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Wrist Rescue! Course

Typing, texting, gaming and just plain living in the 21st century comes at a price.That price is usually pain.This can help!

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I will let you know as Kneady People begins to take shape.You can email me if you have questions or ideas.